18th July 2019

The Map for Y Not 2019 is here!


After feedback from last year, we want to bring VIP and Glampers (who were previously much further out) – right next to the arena for super easy access. This campsite will only be able to be accessed with a VIP or Glamping wristband. Similarly, Access Camping has been moved to just South of the arena with direct arena access that will enter into Gold City. VIP campers at the bottom of this campsite, will also have access to the arena via Gold City.

Family Camping will be the same distance from the arena as last year, but swapped to the opposite side of the entrance walkway. The entrance to the campsite is very close to the gate, so the walk from the car / gate with heavy bags has been cut right down. There will be a families only path, exiting out of quiet camping.

The campsite will be completely fenced off and access will be for those with Family wristbands only. The walkway is wide and there is considerable distance between Family and General Campers.

General Camping will also be totally fenced off so that at no point will any Family customers have to walk through the General Campsites or visa versa.

Please note: Map not to scale