8th March 2021
  1. They will remember who they watched play forever


We all remember the first time we saw a band live. The lights, the dancing, the singing…

It’s just never to early to start moulding their music taste, we spend the rest of our lives singing whatever our parents or guardians had playing all weekend.


  1. Kids under 12 for FREE

Ok so this is more for you, rather than the kids. But it’s FREE. Yep, so you only need to pay for yourself. Your kids 12 and under can delight in all the amazing music and bands with a totally free ticket.


  1. We’ve got our own Cinema…


At Y Not, we’ve got our very own on-site cinema. Yep and it’s totally free. Each day we start by screening an amazing animated song and the films are totally child appropriate until it gets late…


  1. There’s mega Fairground rides


There’s really nothing like seeing a Main Stage from the top of a ferris wheel. Your little ones will have so much fun on our numerous fairground rides. Who needs the circus?


  1. The Family campsite is SUPER FUN


The Family campsite even has it’s own tent set up, so if the troops awake early – you’ve still got things to do. You can expect story-telling in the morning, rise and shine stretching and campfire marshmallow toasting later at night.


  1. They can flex their creative minds


There’s numerous chances for your kids to get really creative. Our dedicated Strawberry Fields are is a one-stop shop for arts and crafts. There’s Graffiti lessons, so you can train the next Banksy. Not to mention we have our very own paint fight


  1. How often do your kids get to party with a Pirate?


Strawberry Fields hosts pirate raves and I don’t know about you… but we would have dreamed of this as a kid.


  1. They’re the next superstar in training!


There’s circus training skills, comedy workshops, dance-offs and singing competitions so whatever their talent – they can put it to the test. Strawberry Fields is all about helping your kids learn and grow, as well as having a weekend they’ll never forget!


There’s so much more that our Family and Children’s area has to offer at Y Not Festival. This only really scratches the surface. You can find more information here