April Towers

April Towers

London has Chas ‘n’ Dave, New York has Salt-N-Pepa, Nottingham has Charlie and Alex.

The home of Robin Hood, HP sauce, the VCR, Ye Olde Jerusalem Inn (the oldest pub in Britain), and now of April Towers.

Nottingham’s not particularly famous for producing musical talents. Don’t get me wrong, it has produced some gems over the years; Saint Raymond, Ten Years After, Dogs is Dead, Ronika, Jake Bugg and Sleaford Mods to name but a few.

However, now comes the birth of something completely original. Described as “a remarkably independent pop phenomenon” and “The Pet Shop Boys on speed”, this duo are worth looking out for in 2016.

Boasting more than 173,000 Spotify listeners in the two years they have been together, people are starting to sit up and take notice of this endearing duo.

Having had their hit single Arcadia played on daytime BBC Radio One by Fearne Cotton, April Towers’ rise is quite impressive.


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