Hello Operator

The Allotment / Friday

With its colossal opening stomp, raucous debut single ‘Stephanie’ saw Hello Operator smash through the glass ceiling of public expectation. In April 2016, the North Yorkshire lads’ first emission of fuzz-fuelled rock was championed on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Introducing Track of the Week’. Since then, the band have unleashed follow up singles ‘Operator Hour’ and ‘Vex Money’, and four-track mammoth ‘Love Is a Loan EP’. Below its layers of shrewd vocal hooks, guitar licks and crashing cymbals, a dark undercurrent runs deep in the veins of this band, leaving you in the corner, pleading for another hit. Nowadays, while many acts are suckered into the shiny marbled exterior of its clich├ęs, Hello Operator continue carve a new depth into the words ‘rock and roll’.

“I’ve never travelled this far to see a band. Hello Operator exceeded my wildest dreams – They rock harder than anyone.” – Tony Visconti, Producer

“Every so often a band comes along that feels just that little bit different” – Greg James, BBC Radio 1


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