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Cassia release debut album!

10th April 2019

We’ve been privileged over the years to have hosted many bands that have gone on to become huge names, think The 1975, Bastille, Frank Turner, Jake Bugg and loads more. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see them in the early stages of their career and other times it’s right at breaking point (The 1975 playing Chocolate in the Quarry was a serious moment). This week we’ve been really excited to see Cassia, a band that first played Y Not back in 2015, have released their debut album “Replica” and better still, it’s made it to number 52 in the midweek charts! We reckon you should go give your new favourite band a listen and help us get our pals into the top 50!

We’ve mostly been putting up the heating, taking our clothes off, pouring ourselves an ice cold drink and pretending it’s Summer while having a listen (feel sorry for our neighbouring offices). Because baby, oh baby have they made a soundtrack to hazy summer evenings?

You’re on the beach, the sun is low, your mates are all there – even the one that moved away when you were younger, yeah – they are back and everyone has dogs. The ice cream man is giving away everything for free. You’re all in t-shirts – but no one is even slightly cold, in spite of that breeze that’s gently catching your hair and giving you the mystique of surf deities. Have we set the scene? BAM! You’re in Cassia’s new album.

The boys have a unique sound and with this album they have certainly honed exactly what that is. Think early 00’s indie with a hint of Paul Simon’s Graceland,  the album is a tapestry of catchy guitar riffs, down-to-earth vocals and an array of grooving rhythms (that’s right Jake on the drums, you’re giving us gold!).

Our top 3 of our favourites; the band’s biggest hit to date 100 Times Over, which we challenge you not to be singing to yourself for at least a few days after hearing, Movers & Shapers, which has one of the best drum beats we’ve heard all year, and the new single Replica.

We can’t wait to hear them at this year’s Y NOT Festival in the Quarry. “Get up, sit Doowwwn”


We also caught up with the band ahead of their album release show last weekend to ask a few questions. Here’s what they had to say!

How has the band evolved since you first played Y Not years ago?
Well, we first played Y Not we weren’t really a band. I remember we were told we were playing a week before and had to learn how to play all the songs we’d been writing together. It was so different and weren’t even really thinking about being a band in the same way then.. what is really cool though is seeing the progression over the years. Everytime we play it feels like the crowds double or triple so when you compare them it’s kind of mad!

You’ve had a pretty huge 12 months, what’s been your number 1 highlight?
Honestly, it all feels a bit nuts sometimes. When we headlined the Ritz in Manchester last November, that was surreal. Completely unlike anything I’ve experienced before in my life. Recording the debut album over the course of the year was incredible as well. The studio and team we created it with were amazing, we were pinching ourselves a little bit.

What can we expect for your set at Y Not?
Another level to what we’ve been doing. We’ve toured with some amazing bands and picked up so much so really pumped to bring that to festival season this year. Will be doing some tunes people haven’t heard live before from the album which will be dead fun too.

What were your top 3 inspirations for this album?

We tend to find these kinds of questions a little tough to answer. There are so many things twisted into the album that are really important to us personally but we want people to be able to take what they want/need from our music. I think we’ve written the album in a way that suggests certain themes strongly enough for them to be apparent but allows people to understand in their own way. That’s the cool thing about music, and we don’t want to force an agenda on people who listen to our stuff. There’s quite a lot of that going on already anyway!

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Well…There are absolutely tons I guess. I’d love to jam and write with Khruangbin, we’re all super into them at the minute. actually doing something with Glass Animals or Jungle I think would be class!! think we could get something really sick combining the two styles.. plus they’re songwriting is awesome.

Replica is available at all good record stores now! You can alternatively purchase online HERE OR you can stream the album on Spotify HERE