24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire

Exclusive Libertines Interview

6th June 2018

The Libertines are one of Y Not Festival’s most-requested bands and we’re thrilled to have them with us this summer. A 20-year career full of trials, tribulations, awesome music and performances is culminating in a visit to the Peak District – where we welcome them with open arms.

We sat down with bassist John Hassall to hear his thoughts on The Libertines comeback and see what we can expect on July 27th.

We can’t wait to have you at Pikehall this year. Every gig is different – and Y Not Festival is a big one – how’s the set evolved over the past couple of tours?

We’re becoming closer and closer as friends again, and I think that comes across in the music. We start playing a bit telepathically if we’ve been playing a few shows in a row.

Since it all kicked back off for The Libertines a couple of years ago, it seems you’ve scaled new heights. Is there a feeling of ‘We’ve realised our potential!”

I think we have realised a lot of our potential, but I also think there’s a lot of new doors to be opened wide. We’ve just built our own recording studio in Margate, so hopefully there’ll be many exciting developments coming out of there.

And how has the touring changed? How do you keep that intimate band and fan connection on the big stages?

There’s a Danish expression that says “If there’s room in the heart, there’s room in the house” or something like that. So no matter whether it’s a big or small gig, we just need to have room in the heart.

What are the things you most look forward to when playing a show? Any unusual backstage rituals and requests?

I love playing live more and more. It’s been quite a while so I’m totally ready for it! I’m a Buddhist and I always chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo before I go on. Puts me in the right space for it.

Okay, as we’re talking festivals, can you pick… A headliner from the past that blew your mind?

Hendrix at Woodstock!

The festival you never should have played?

I don’t think there are any. There may be some festival promoters that might have wished we didn’t play though!

The oddest thing anyone’s thrown onto the stage during a gig?

A carrot

The dream musician you’d like to join you during a festival set?

Paul McCartney.

Lastly, very important question. What’s your favourite cheese?

A very runny Camembert.