9th May 2024


Think cabaret club in the middle of a field and you’re halfway there.. MINGO’s is back for Y Not 2024!

Barrioke (feat. Shaun Williamson, from Eastenders), is coming back to his spiritual home for his legendary sing-song, Amy Winehouse‘s ACTUAL backing band, playing all of the iconic singer’s biggest hits, plus a glow-in-the-dark brass band, playing back to back party bangers

Also gracing the stage are Happy Mondays maraca-shaking legend Bez, Musical Bingo, line dancing with Dolly Parton (two of them to be precise), local folk-rock from 5 Hills Out and more fun than you can shake a stick at! ⚡

Milton Jones & Emmanuel Sonubi are heading up the smashing 2024 comedy line up. If you need a break from all the guitars, FJ’s has got you covered! 🤣

Check out the line up above, and get tickets now! 🦩