24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire

Have A Safe Festival

15th June 2018

Whether you’re a festival first timer or a veteran of parties in fields, it’s worth checking out Festival Safe before you get to Y Not. Put together by festival experts, it’s a one-stop shop for how to have the best possible time. Wondering what tent to buy? Apprehensive about the toilets? Can’t decide between wingtips or wellies? Looking for information about alcohol and other drugs? Festival Safe has it all, with sections devoted to preparing for festivals, camping, crime, alcohol and other drugs, wellbeing and families.

“I’ve worked at and attended hundreds of different festivals and events over the years and I’ve literally seen it all – from hypothermia in July to people not realising they have to bring their own tents,” says Broadwick Live production director Jon Drape, who pioneered the project. “Eventually you see patterns emerge and festival goers making similar mistakes and getting in the same jams. I realised no-one had laid out a manifesto for how to have a great festival experience. That’s ultimately what Festival Safe is.”