24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire


Access applications for Y Not Festival 2019 are now closed


Bookable Access Facilities

The following access facilities need to be pre-booked using the Access Requirement Form. This form and the required evidence must be sent to us once you have purchased a ticket.

1) 2 for 1 Tickets for Personal Assistants

We provide a 2 for 1 ticket scheme for individuals who would be unable to attend our events without bringing a personal assistant. Once you have bought a full price ticket, please fill in the Access Requirement Form and provide us with evidence as listed on the form in order to receive your personal assistant ticket.

2) Accessible Parking Pass

An Accessible Car Park is located adjacent to the Accessible Campsite.

3) Accessible Camping Wristband

There will be an Access Information Point in the accessible campsite where customers can collect further information on access within the festival site. It is also here that additional pre-agreed wristbands can be collected. There will be a number of accessible toilets within the campsite.

4) Viewing Platform Wristband

There is a viewing platform located by the Main Stage and Quarry Stage. In order to gain access to a viewing platform, you need a viewing platform wristband.


Access Around The Site

The access campsite is the closest campsite to the arena, however there is still a short walk between the campsite and the arena.

For those who need, vehicles can be parked within the Access Campsite.

Please note that Y Not Festival takes place in the Peak District and therefore has quite a hilly terrain. Some of the arenas are quite sloped.

Weather conditions can dramatically affect the ground conditions, so wherever possible try to consider what preparations you may need to make and equipment you may need to bring along.

Up to three weeks before the event you will receive an information email explaining in detail the procedure for arriving on site such along with how to collect your access wristbands.

For any enquiries, please contact [email protected]