30 Jul - 1 Aug, 2021 Pikehall, Derbyshire

Peak Club VIP

If you want to make your stay a little more comfortable, book yourself onto Peak Club VIP.

For an additional £70 you can benefit from all these added perks:

  • Spacious Campsite
  • Nicer Toilets & Showers
  • Exclusive VIP Bar
  • Pamper Tent with plugs to bring your straighteners and hairdryers!
  • VIP Queueing Lane

Please note, a VIP ticket does not allow access to any of the working backstage areas, nor does it allow cut-throughs of production access routes.

Campsite & Facilities

Campsite & Facilities

Separate Campsite & Facilities

You’ll have access to your own campsite, with more space and your own food traders, posher toilets and hot showers.

Pamper Area

VIP’s will have access to a central Pamper Lounge, with plugs and mirrors for all your hair and make-up needs. Please note, hair utensils are not provided so you will need to bring these with you!

Find out more on VIP Camping here




Our house VIP DJs are back to provide all your indie & banger dreams for the weekend. Last year they even managed to rope in Kurupt FM for a surprise set.

Separate Food Traders

Don’t worry about getting lunch with the riff raff – VIP’s got all the goods. With a separate food offering and comfy seating you can leave well fed and rested.

Added Extras

Added Extras

Express Queue Lanes

Entering the festival, VIP will have its own queue lanes. This will help you beat the queue and

Free Lanyard

Every VIP customer this year is entitled to a free Lanyard. You’ll be able to collect this from any Merch point, but will need your ticket with you.