24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire

Y Not Festival Updates

23rd May 2018

As part of our plans for the 2018 festival, we promised that we’d keep you up to date with the changes and improvements we were making. Since we released our latest updates in January a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

We’re now really happy to be able to share some of what’s been going on, and expand on the changes we’re making to ensure this year the best Y Not there’s ever been.



As well as changing our security provider to Show Sec, who are one of the country’s most high profile and renowned security contractors (www.showsec.co.uk), we are taking extra measures to ensure added safety for everyone at Y Not this year. We’ll be installing nine CCTV cameras in various strategic locations around the site.

The new site will have increased levels of Steel Shield around the edges of the campsites, which are considerably larger and harder to climb. Campsites will also see the reintroduction of security towers.



We’re currently in the process of plotting our new site map – including the arenas and stages. The new site layout has been thoroughly planned, with careful consideration going into campsite and venue positioning.

The Main Stage positioning has been based on 20 years of wind data for the site.



There’s heavy investment going into improving existing roads on and around the site to ensure access is as good as it can be.

This year, there will be multiple access points to the site, dependant on which side of the site you approach from. This will allow for an increased flow of traffic on and off of site, instead of all traffic being navigated down just one route.



Following your feedback, we’ve spent a lot of time considering how we communicate in the best possible way.

As well as displaying information on the Main Stage screens, we’re also introducing a new message screen in the Village Green. This will be in a central point to all campsites and somewhere you’ll walk past each time you enter or leave the festival arena.

There will also be a brand new info point in the Village Green. This will be a key hub, staffed all day, where you’ll be able to access information, updates and support. In addition, the Campsite Management Office will be open 24/7. There you will be able to find information or raise any issues you may have.



In the next few weeks, we will be releasing our new Y Not Festival App. This will be your essential guide to the festival, in your pocket. Not only will you be able to plan your own schedule, but you will also be able to add the set times directly into your phone calendar. All of the data and information will still be available to view if you are offline on site.

The app can also send push notifications out over the weekend for any updates or information, if desired.




The Peak District is a beautiful place and we don’t take that for granted. This year, we’re working especially hard to make sure the Peaks stay green and move towards being as sustainable as possible.


We have joined the Drastic on Plastic initiative and we aim to be one of 61 festivals to be totally plastic free by 2021. This year, the changes we’re making include:


  • Traders are not permitted to bring plastic straws or single use sachets on site and all food containers must be compostable


  • All staff will be required to bring reusable drinks containers onto site, cutting down on plastic bottle wastage
  • We’ll soon be releasing our initiative ‘Y Not be Green’,, full of helpful hints on how to reduce damage to the environment at the festival this year.