25 - 28 July 2019 Pikehall, Derbyshire

Late Night Y Not

10th June 2019

Your guide to Y Not late night.

After the headliners finish, we know you’re not always ready to leave the party behind. Here’s our definitive guide to all things late night.

The Silent Disco

Every night in the Giant Squid, The Silent Disco begins. It’s £5 entry (+£10 returnable deposit when you return your headset) – for dancing dancing dancing until 3am. The Silent Disco is our latest open venue.

Thursday: 9pm – 11:45pm
Friday: 23:45 – 2:30
Saturday: 23:45 – 2:30
Sunday: 23:30 – 12:45


Barnacle Beats

As ever, the Barnacle Beats Basstent at Y Not is going until the early hours. Every year it packs out at night of drum & bass for all the rave too.

With a selection of local DJs in our Xanadu area, every year it packs out at night of drum & bass for all the rave too.

Barnacle Beats is open until 01:30 Friday & Saturday and 23:30 Sunday


Club Malibu

If drum & bass beats aren’t quite your thing, Club Malibu has you covered. Head here for your all encompassing late-night 80s dance party. Where else can you sing “I WILL SURVIVE” at the top of your lungs?

No frills, not pretence. Just non-stop wedding party bangers. It’s not a guilty pleasure if you don’t feel guilty right?

Club Malibu is open until 2am Friday – Saturday 1.30am Sunday


Late Night DJs


Jax Jones

Just because the sun’s gone down, the big names don’t have too. Some might say we’ve saved the best until last – but after the Main Stage headliners are long gone – we’ve got some top calibre DJs to keep you moving and shaking way past midnight.

With hits like You Don’t Know Me, Breathe and Instruction under his belt (it’s genuinely hard to narrow down which ones to shout out, because he’s got so many absolute bangers) Jax Jones has numerous anthems to let loose too.

Please see below for some of the MASSIVE names he’s already collaborated with too:


You can catch Jax Jones in The Quarry Saturday 23:15 – 00:45


Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner ‘ay. Fresh off the back of his big return with “The Streets”, he’s visiting little old Y Not to spin some hits. Playing a mix of grime, garage and bassline party he’s got it all going on.

Catch Mike Skinner in Flamingo Jacks Saturday 00:00 – 01:30



It wouldn’t be a party without Redlight spinning some funky genre breaking beats. If you didn’t spend hours repeating ‘Lost in Your Love’ where were you? That or ‘Get Out My Head’. We’re pretty excited to have him join us and you should be too.

Here’s a refresher if you need it:

You can catch Redlight in The Quarry Sunday 23:15 – 00:45


You can check out the FULL line up here…