24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire

5 Insider Tips…

19th July 2018

…To Get The Most Out Of Y Not

After 12 years of Y Not Festival we’ve asked festival-goers who attend every year to share their top tips to get the most out of the weekend.

1. Explore All The Late-Night Venues

The Silent Disco is where most people want to go when it’s the end of the night, but our feet are still moving. However, our brand new venue Flamingo Jacks, Club Malibu and other Gold City venues are also open until late – so don’t forget to mix it up!

2. Don’t Miss The Paint Fight

On Sunday just after lunch close to the Y Not sign there’ll be the biggest paint fight the Peak District has ever seen, with more than a ton of paint flung about! Get colourful!

3. Sample The Local Wares

Feeling thirsty? Go and get yourself some locally brewed Beer or Cider in The Watchtower.

4. Pack Wisely!

4. Catch The Cinema Early

Get yourself a good seat and chill if you’re not ready to go rock out pre-lunch. The mornings are always showing your favourite Pixar and Disney classics. Never grow old at Y Not.


5. Don’t Forget The Smaller Venues

When you have no bands you desperately want to see, go and check some awesome local talent in some of our smaller venues like The Hog and Barrel, The Saloon or The Allotment. You never know if you’re going to catch the next 1975