Whether you’re a Y Not first-timer or a hardened veteran, check out Festival Safe for some handy hints and tips to have the best weekend:

Confused about what tent to buy?

Wondering how you’re going to cope with the toilets?

Need a ready-made kit list of what to bring?!

Festival Safe have got the facts on staying safe and having fun at festivals.


We have 24/7 security and stewards who are there for your protection. There are also sniffer dogs on site all weekend long. Their purpose is to keep the festival safe so that everyone can enjoy the festival as much as possible. Please co-operate with them. The site fencing is in place to protect everyone at the event. Tampering with it is forbidden and may result in ejection from the event.


There are police on site at all times should you need them, to report any crimes you will be able to locate their base in the Village Green. Please remember, possessions are your responsibility and tents are not secure. Please only bring what you need – the less stuff you need to keep an eye on the better. Please bear in mind that you are at a festival and you should avoid bringing anything you would not mind losing.


Personal camp fires are prohibited in the campsite and will be extinguished to protect the safety of everyone at the festival. Please note that due to safety reasons, we do not permit personal campsites or disposable BBQs. This is to reduce fire risk. Purpose built, raised BBQs can only be used in the designated BBQ area, not outside tents.

Gas Canisters

Gas canisters are allowed on site, although please be reasonable with how much you bring. Remember not to cook inside tents, and take extreme caution when changing camping gas.


Aerosols are allowed on site but please be sensible and respect your fellow festival goers. Misuse can result in ejection from the festival.


As of April 2017, changes in legislation under the policing and crime act 2017 means that anyone found guilty of possessing Pyrotechnics (Flares, Fireworks, Smoke Bombs etc) at a music festival could face up to 3 months in prison. Please do not bring them to the festival under any circumstances.

Ear Protection

We recommend bringing ear protection with you to the festival, particularly if you have young children coming with you as the decibel levels of the music could reach a level to cause permanent damage.

Remember you can only prevent tinnitus. Ear plugs are also available from the Welfare tent at the festival.

Alcohol Policy

Each person (over 18) can bring alcohol for themselves, but not other people.

Anyone under the age of 18 found with alcohol will have it taken away, in compliance with the law.

We operate an extremely strict RU25 policy at all onsite festival bars, so please, please remember your ID if you are lucky enough to look under 25 and would like to receive an adult wristband in order to purchase alcohol at the festival. Please note, we reserve the right to deny access to anyone who cannot produce a valid form of ID.

Drugs Policy

We operate a a Prevent, Pursue, Protect policy. This means, Prevent illegal drugs getting onto the site. Pursue anyone suspected of supplying illegal drugs, Protect the festival goers.

We are increasing our security provision on the main gates and having more searches, we have also increased the amount of sniffer dogs on site and are also employing outreach and security teams to spend more time in the campsites engaging with customers. In the past we have found substances mixed with everything from rat poison to washing up powder, please do not take any risks. Do not bring any banned substances to the event and if you are offered any, refuse them.

Sexual Health

Don’t forget to pack all your essential items for the festival! If you think you might have sex with someone you’ve just met, always carry condoms with you and make sure that you use them if you have sex. They protect you from STIs and pregnancy. Safe Sex packs (condoms and lube) are available from Derbyshire Sexual Health Services during the festival.

If you’ve had unprotected sex and are worried about getting pregnant, see their Emergency Contraception web page for more information about what types of emergency contraception are available and where you can access them or pop along and ask one of their staff at the festival for some advice. You can also order your free STI testing kit for when you get home.

Sexual health isn’t just about protecting yourself from getting sexually transmitted infections or becoming pregnant. There are lots of emotions involved in sex and relationships and it’s important to remain healthy and happy. If you’re worried about sexual abuse or sexual assault, what can you do? Speak to the staff onsite at the First Aid point.

Confidentiality is important to them and they offer non-judgemental sexual health advice and services, which are accessible and inclusive. For more information about sex and relationships please visit their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube @yshmderbys.

Personal Welfare

Admission to the event is at the ticket holders risk. Y Not Festivals Ltd and the premises license holder will not held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event. This includes damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the actions of other patrons or third parties.

Adverse Weather

Y Not Festival is situated on greenfield land, as such conditions during adverse weather may become hazardous. Please ensure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing to cater for the possibility of wet, muddy and slippy conditions.

Electrical Storms

Stay away from electrical equipment
Take shelter until the storm has passed
Avoid contact with any metal support or structure
If you cannot get shelter or are in your tent, then you should crouch with your shoes on and your hands resting on your knees or covering your ears.
Do not let your hands of knees touch the ground and do not lie flat on the ground
If strong winds occur as well as electrical storms, then marquees will be closed and people will be advised to seek shelter in their vehicles.