3rd December 2019
We’re donating to #TeamTrees

This year on the opening day of Y Not we experienced the hottest day on record, 2 days later we experienced heavy rainfall over the course of 2 days. With our own little micro-climate, we personally see the impact of Global warming every year with the extreme weather conditions ourselves and local towns experience.

What are we doing?

This year, in order to help the planet and the beautiful Peak District we’re doing the following:

  • Planting a tree for everyone who attends Y Not Festival 2020
  • Planting 500 trees in the next 2 weeks on the Y Not Festival land
  • Donating £10,000 to #TeamTrees who are planting trees all over the world where they’re needed most.

We’re super excited to contribute to this awesome campaign, which you can read more on here

Love Y Not x