24 - 26 July, 2020 Pikehall, Derbyshire

What To Bring To Y Not – Ultimate Guide

19th July 2018

Whether you’re a festival veteran or virgin everyone benefits from a reminder of what to bring to a festival. Here’s our ultimate guide of what to bring to Y Not!!

1. Ticket and ID

2. A sense of humour

3. A good tent, mallet and tent pegs

4. Sunglasses (it’s crucial to look the part)

5. Money/cards

6. Sleeping bag, pillow, roll mat

7. Wet wipes

8. Mobile phone (charged!) and portable mobile charger

9. Suncream and wellies (be prepared for all eventualities)

10. Tissues (can be used to clean away a multitude of sins)

11. Hat

12. Mate in a silly hat

13. Waterproof coat

14. Bum bag to carry valuables in (this is the only weekend of the year no one bats an eyelid when you wear one)

15. Toiletries (miniature if possible)

16. Fancy dress (this year’s theme is Rock ‘N’ Roll Legends)

17. Lots of socks

18. Warm jumper

19. Medical information – if you have any allergies or medical conditions

20. Medication if required

21. Plasters and a small first aid kit

22. Torch

23. Enough changes of clothes in case you get wet

24. Quick drying leg wear – jeans are not always the best option in the rain as they take ages to dry!

25. Bin bags – for dirty clothes and rubbish.

26. Carabiner (you’ll never realise how useful these are until you’ve brought one with you)

27. Cereal bars (just make sure it’s not the only thing you eat all weekend)

28. Ear plugs

29. NO valuables

30. Plenty of stamina