22nd April 2020

Y NOT 2020 Cancellation FAQ’s

Why have you cancelled the event?

With everything going on in the world right now, we know this is the right thing to do. The safety of the audience, artists and crew, and wider community has to come first. Y Not festival draws on the expertise of many fantastic people across many services from emergency planning to food production. These people are going to be needed both locally and nationally now and in the summer more than ever.

We know it is still a long time between now and our event but the disruption caused to our build and planning process, which happens in the months leading up to the weekend, has proved impossible to navigate. We are bitterly disappointed to not be able to bring you what we knew was going to be our best year yet. Y Not is a labour of love and to not be able to share it with you is heartbreaking, but the focus now should be on compassion, unity and getting through this together.

How do I tell you which option I’d like to go with?
If you have a booking for Y Not 2020, We will be sending you an online form via email, in which you will be able to let us know which option you would like to choose. Please check your inbox and if you don’t receive an email get in touch with us at the following address  – ticketing@ynotfestival.coml.com

My group wants to pick different options. Is this ok?
Only the lead customer will need to fill out the form. Due to the amount of customers we will be dealing with the decision must be the same for the entire group.

When do I have to let you know which option I want?
You must fill out the form by 17:00 on the 13th May 2020

What happens if I don’t fill the form in by 17:00 May 13th?
Your booking will be automatically transferred to the 2021 event and you will receive a complimentary upgrade & be entered into a free prize draw for a weekend at Y Not festival in one of our luxury cabins; with a roof terrace and BBQ for you and your friends.

My booking was cancelled before the festival was cancelled, will I still be able to select one of these options?
If you cancelled your booking for any reason, or if your booking was cancelled because you failed to pay by the deadline you are only eligible to have your money transferred to 2021.


Transfer your 2020 ticket to 2021

I cant find my booking reference, what can I do?

If you are struggling to find your booking reference or don’t have one for some reason, please get in touch with our ticketing & booking customer services here – ticketing@ynotfestival.com

What are the event dates for next year?
Y Not 2021 will take place on 29th of July – 2nd of August 2021.

What happens if I choose this and then I am subsequently unable to attend next year?
If you choose to transfer your booking to Y NOT 2021 then you will be bound by the terms and conditions for that festival and standard cancellation terms will apply.

Will the line up be the same?
The line-up will not be transferred to Y NOT 2021 but it is likely that some of the acts will be booked again. This is subject to change.

Can half my group transfer and half choose another option?
Unfortunately because of the amount of customers we are dealing with we can’t split the group’s choices up, the lead customer will be required to fill out the form and the choices made on the form will be the same for all in the group.

When will my ticket be transferred?
We have a deadline of 17:00 on 13th May for each existing Y NOT customer to confirm how they would like to proceed for 2021. Once we gather all this information and the booking has been transferred you will receive an updated confirmation email confirming the 2021 booking.

My child will be 13 next year, will she still be able to get in for free?

We are aware that the child ticket age bracket is 12 and under. we will be more lenient on the 2021 ticket gates and will be accepting children who would have originally been able to enter the festival for free. There is no need to enquire any further about this now. Updates will be available when we roll out the 2021 ticket packages.

I’m on a 2020 payment plan will this effect me transferring over to 2021?

If you are on a payment plan and wish to transfer over to 2021 then we will transfer you ticket over at the stage you are currently at in 2020, you be able to restart the payment plan process from when we go back on sale for 2021.

I have a Glamping ticket will my upgrade be transferred over to 2021?

All upgrades including Glamping will be transferred over to 2021 if you choose the transfer option on the form. We will endeavour to keep all transferred tickets the same for 2021.

Do I get charged for changing the names on my tickets and how does this effect being transferred to 2021?

There are no name change fees for customers wanting to pass their ticket on, if a customer does want to change the name on their ticket our CS team at this email – ticketing@ynotfestival.com, will ask for the new name to update and resend the ticket. This will help us to assist customers on-site who have any ticketing issues as we can confirm who purchased the ticket initially and troubleshoot from there. However if customers don’t reach out to change the name on their ticket, they wont have any issues entering the festival.

Refund FAQs

When will I be refunded?

Refunds will be processed within 30 days from the 13th May however, where possible we endeavour to have these processed sooner. We are processing a large amount of refunds and ticket enquiries so please try your best to be patient with us, we will do our best to make sure your refund is with you as soon as we can. If after the 30 days you have still not received your refund please get in touch here – ticketing@ynotfestival.com

Are you refunding in full?
We will be refunding the entirety of your Y Not 2020 Ticket minus any booking fees, ticket plan protection, travel insurance if purchased, delivery fees, and any admin fees for any changes you previously made to your booking such as name changes or the change or removal of extras. You will be refunded for any upgrades you may have purchased

Why are you keeping the booking fee?
These fees cover the cost of our ticketing platform providing a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day booking service, labour costs, credit card commissions and all the other costs associated with running a ticketing business which in the event of a cancellation are even more amplified.

Will you refund my travel costs?
We will only be able to refund travel costs that have been booked as an upgrade through us.

I haven’t had my full refund.
All refunds will be processed within 30  days of the 13th May 2020 and may take 3-5 working days for your bank to clear the funds in your account. If by this date, you think you are missing money, this could be due to the refund going back to the group leaders card if they paid on behalf of the group. Please make sure you check all your bank and credit card accounts and with your lead booker before you contact customer service at ticketing@ynotfestival.com

You haven’t answered my question?
If you need further help with your booking please contact – ticketing@ynotfestival.com